General conditions of furniture exploitation

The furniture shall be assembled by avoiding careless hits and it shall be put in a dry and well ventilated area (where ambient temperature is from +5 to +35oC and a relative humidity is from 45 % to 75 %) without moving it to the damp walls or heating equipment.

It is not advisable to put furniture in the direct sunlight because Gobelin may change its colour.

During the exploitation of furniture:

1. Use furniture for its intended purpose. Keep it away from liquids (juice, coffee, water and etc.) and exposure to chemicals. Do not jump, climb or stand on the furniture.

2. When you want to move furniture to another place, do not drag it, but carry it.

3. Do not clean heavily soiled furniture, but seek for upholstery cleaning specialists.


1. To allow pets climb on the furniture. Their claws may scratch eco-leather, fabric or wood details.

2. To jump on the upholstered parts of furniture in order to avoid sudden hits to the fabric, springs, foam rubber or wood details;

3. To allow furniture fabric and wood details come into contact with sharp objects;

4. To sit on the side supports (armrests) of the furniture;

Sliding of the mechanisms into a sleeping position

The sliding mechanism:

Pull out and push in the sliding mechanism into a sleeping position without turning it (otherwise, the rolling parts may fall out of the guiding parts or the hinge may turn upside down).

It is advisable to push mechanisms together at once and without stopping. Thus, you will use less effort to return mechanism to its original position.

Mechanism of a convertible sofa:

A convertible sofa will be returned into a sitting position if you lift and bend the seat of the convertible sofa until you hear the fixing sound of both hinges. Then, using your both hands, press the seat down.


1. UAB “Lukandra” provides a 12 month warranty for its furniture.

2. UAB “Lukandra” does not provide warranty for the upholstery fabrics.

Note: when choosing a fabric, pay attention to its technical characteristics and methods of maintenance. The looseness of the upholstery fabric and eco-leather on the upholstered furniture is allowed because it appears as a result of a natural stretching of the fabric.

3. The warranty period shall begin from the day the furniture is purchased.

4. The internal defects of manufactured furniture that occurred during the warranty period will be repaired free of charge.

5. The customer shall lose the right to a free warranty service if:

5.1. The customer does not provide a filled warranty card;

5.2. The Customer failed to comply with rules of furniture maintenance and supervision;

5.3. The furniture was damaged due to Force Majeure (resulting from extraordinary circumstances);

6. Before accepting the furniture:

6.1. Check its assembly;

6.2. Inspect the exterior of furniture (colour of fabric, decorative wood and etc.), whether there are no visible mechanical damages or other defects;

6.3. If any defects are found, show them to the employees that delivered the furniture. Later, the claims, regarding the undetected external damages, will not be accepted.

7. If any defect was found during its exploitation, please inform the seller about it, working in the store, where the furniture was purchased.

8. UAB “Lukandra” undertakes to remove the occurred manufacturing defect within 2030 days after the claim was registered at the company.

9. The furniture is not changed to the analogical furniture and it will not be returned to the manufacturer.


*The rules were written according to the order No 217 of 29-06-2001 of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania “On the Approval of Rules, Regarding the Items Return and Exchange” that was issued in Vilnius